Friday, July 18, 2014

Birthday boy

As I write this, I'm dead tired and basically running on adrenaline. I'm in the busiest time at work, but I've been staying up late every night to make Kendall and your loot bags for your daycare birthday parties. Never have kids with birthdays 1-day apart! #deadtired #whydoidothistomyself

Yes, I could have gone to the dollar store to pick up loot bag items in their party section and I did do that, but nothing was good enough for my taste. My occupation is a graphic designer/art director so I can't put my name on something that is not up to par for my liking. I decided that I would again, hand make something. Of course, once I start something I go all out. I hardly got any sleep this week, but it was all worth it. You were so excited to see the finished product and super excited to go to daycare this morning to give them all out to your friends.

It all started with me seeing something on my Instagram feed. I follow a crafter, Sharilyn Wright and she
posted something not too long ago of her handmade notebooks with washi tape spines. I thought that was
such a great idea. I modified the notebooks I made by adding the names of all the kids as well as some
more personal details that they could fill out at the bottom- age, birthday, favourite colour. Since your
writing skills have drastically improved as soon as you started junior kindergarten, I noticed you are always
drawing and writing. I figured a personalized notebook would be the perfect gift for all the kids. I scored
the cover stock a 1/4" on the left where the washi tape ends so that it would open easily. 

Just a close-up of some of the washi tape patterns. Aren't they pretty stacked like that?

Instead of just plain, blank pages, I printed grid paper and lined paper to give it more of a custom feel.
I also added a page at the beginning where it had a box that you had to draw a picture of your family. 

As well as the custom notebooks, I added a bag of flavoured popcorn- white cheddar popcorn or butter
popcorn to the loot bags. 

If I had more time, I would have added one more thing to the loot bags, but I didn't have anything left in
me to design something else.

I love the Ikea-brand ziplock bags (purple bag behind the notebook). I covered the Ikea logo with the
tags of all the names of the kids. This is your loot bag.
There were 26 kids in your class, so you can imaging just how many I had to do. And that's just for your
daycare. I worked on Kendall's daycare loot bags too. The Longo's bag on the bottom right had peanut-free
cupcakes to bring to your daycare this morning.

This was you after I picked you up around 3:30pm. You guys were all eating the cupcakes when I picked
you up. When you got the car, you declared that this year was the best birthday of all. 

Waiting on our front porch for daddy and Kendall to come home. BTW, since Kendall's birthday is on
Monday, I will be giving out Kendall's loot bags then. Yours falls on a Sunday this year, so I had to do your
birthday party today.

While we were waiting for daddy and Kendall, you enjoyed eating your popcorn.

Welcome home Kendall!

She had show and share day at daycare where she had to bring in a teddy bear so she brought Muk Muk,
one of her large entourage of stuffed animals that she carries around these days.

My cutie patootie.

Watching Aidan eat his popcorn.
"When can I have some???" —Kendall

Sunday, June 22, 2014

They can make a whole Disney franchise with this girl

I instagrammed this photo of you and my friend Lisa commented that Disney can make a whole franchise with you. And I have to say, I agree! Look at that face. Look at the hair! I die!!!

Since I spent all day with Aidan yesterday, I wanted to have a mommy and Kendall day today. We went to Target in the morning to check out the Poppytalk for Target Collection as well as to buy a welcome mat for our house. Let me just say that you are a handful nowadays! You don't want to sit still and when I let you loose, you are everywhere. 

As you can see, you are already trying to get out of the buggy. You actually stood up several times. Sigh…

What a cutie pie you are though…

I eventually put you in cart and you were touching everything that was in it.

A quick video of you touching everything at Target.

And this is the welcome mat that I bought for our house. Isn't it pretty?

And here's how it looks from afar.

My Poppytalk for Target haul.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Daycare Portfolio Night

One of the reasons why I liked the daycare that you are currently attending is the fact that they make a portfolio for every single student at the end of the year. That's one thing that jumped out at me when I was touring your daycare. Your previous daycare (Kendall's current daycare) didn't do this. I remember taking tons and tons of artwork that you had made and they would just be loosely organized in your daycare folder for me to take home. I only kept the ones that were decent, but it was becoming out-of-hand. 

Tonight was the daycare's portfolio night where they presented all the parents with each child's portfolio and they had a slideshow of all the activities that happened during the year. It was so sweet and thoughtful.

I was amazed how the teachers worked on every single student's portfolio. This batch (not sure which teacher
worked on these) were the best. Yours weren't as nice, but I still appreciate what the teachers did.

Here's your portfolio cover.
I loved how the teachers documented every single field trip and class projects that you were working on with the description of what it was you were doing and a photo of you doing it. 

While we were browsing through the portfolio, there was a slideshow that showed all the student's in the class. And here you are on the projector!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I feel loved

There were no shortages of Mother's Day cards this year. I guess now that you can pretty much read and write simple words/sentences, you made me so many cards expressing what you wanted to say to me. Honestly, I'm going to treasure all these little notes and cards that I get from all of you for the rest of my life.

This was the card you made at Korean school on Saturday. You actually wrote the message in Korean!
It means, "I love you" in Korean.
You made this card from your daycare.

Such an artiste. You said we were wearing space suits. Not sure why…
Kendall even made a present for me at her daycare :-)

A beautiful butterfly painting made with her foot prints.

Kendall presenting the present to me. I almost cried.

I just love it.

Your masterpiece that you made from school.

Don't you have great penmanship?

And this was from daddy this morning. I had woken up and went to the bathroom to brush up and there
was a box of chocolates and a card left on the bathroom counter. I was so pleasantly surprised.
Daddy isn't one to get me cards (even when we were dating) so it means so much to me when he puts in
the effort to do so.

Short and sweet.
Daddy took you to Canada's Wonderland this morning (we got season's passes again this year) so I had a mother/daughter day with Kendall.

We went grocery shopping and had lunch at McDonald's.
Daddy had to leave for soccer at 4pm so I decided to have a picnic in our backyard with you and Kendall. It was a nice way to enjoy the weather (first time this year passing the 20 degree mark) without packing a ton of stuff and driving somewhere. You've always asked me to take you on a picnic so I surprised you with one. It was sooooo nice spending time outside and enjoying the sunshine.

Blankets rolled out, food ready. Time to eat!

Kendall with her sunhat and best friend- baby Elmo. She takes him everywhere!

My sunshine boy/girl.

Kendall eating Sherpherd's Pie.

You guys had such a blast eating, playing and dancing outside. We have to do this again!