Monday, September 1, 2014

So long Summer

I can't believe August is already over… And you start SK tomorrow! Where has the Summer gone?
I haven't taken photos of you too in so long so I busted out my camera and took some quick snapshots of you guys. Daddy wanted to get in on the action so he grabbed both of you and asked me to take one of you together. So cute, right?

I asked you to make your "Ee-pun-ee" face. It's translated from Korean as "pretty" face.
You are doing it right, but Kendall's is looking not so pretty… haha.

I die!

I took some portrait shots of you two. I can't believe how big you guys have grown. It boggles my mind…

Kendall is such a girly girl. I put her in an outfit I bought her a few weeks ago and she was walking around
like a little super model.

Trying to show me your coolest ninja moves. Lately you've been obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

This just made my day!

Today, your daycare class moved back into their regular space. The school has been renovating all summer so it was nice to finally get back to your original classrooms. Kendall has been adjusting really well at her new daycare (your current daycare). She cried for about a week straight so I was really worried, but for some reason something clicked and she was amazing this week. She even waved goodbye to me. I think it helped that I got you to hold Kendall's hand before entering the daycare. I think she is comforted that you are with her. What made it even better? I found these snapshots of you and Kendall taken at her new daycare in her cubby. It really looks like you guys love each other even though most of the time you guys want to claw each others eyes out!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

"For the strong, silent type"

I have a weird obsession of loving watching kids eat french fries. I think it's the way their little hands hold the fries. Every time I watch you eating your fries when you are eating your Happy Meal, I pause and just stare. Am I a freak or what?

Maybe I started my obsession when I saw this 1987 McCain french fries commercial?

Today was Nate's birthday party. He turned 4 this year. We were invited for the celebration at 4pm so we decided to walk over. Too bad it poured as soon as we left the house and we got drenched!

Your cool rain gear outfit.

And guess who made a special appearance? Spiderman! 

Look how cute you guys are. I think you will be the best of friends when you are older.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Guess who's allergic to fish?

As if it couldn't get any worse, I discovered today that you are allergic to salmon and trout. The allergist said you may be allergic to white fish, but that I should still try giving it to you as the test results didn't come out 100% positive. On a positive note, you were actually amazing at the doctor's office today. You didn't cry and you were in such a good mood (as seen in the photos above). I also saw the most current issue of Best Health Magazine in the waiting room!

Mommy's magazine at the doctor's office.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Is this the lip balm?

Just a week ago, I've been teaching you how to recognize familiar things and expressing it with your words. I find that you are slower in your verbal skills than Aidan. I want to teach you how to use your words to communicate with me. 

Every evening, when I get you ready for bed, I put lip balm on your lips after washing/brushing and putting lotion on your face. It's the same routine we do every day. I use a pretty distinctive looking lip balm- the EOS lip balm that is in the shape of an egg. I started asking you, "Is this the lip balm?" while pulling out random things from my bathroom drawer wherein you will say, "no." Eventually I will pull out the lip balm and you will recognize it as your lip balm and break into a big smile and shout, "Yeah!" 

Monday, August 11, 2014

I have a good system going

I was so fearful of doing the sole drop-offs in the morning. I was so used to dropping just Aidan off. And he was pretty easy. All I had to do was wake him up, brush his teeth, change him and turn on his morning show while I got ready. You, on the other hand, can't sit for long periods of time watching TV.  I worried that mornings were going to be absolute chaos and I would go to work frazzled and unkempt. It was definitely a looming task that I wasn't looking forward to.

To my delight, it's been actually pretty good. I even get to sleep in a bit later! I used to wake up at 6:10am when daddy dropped you off. I would first wake up, brush up and then I would wake you up around 6:35am after getting your daycare bag ready. You would have your morning milk and then I would send you off with daddy around 6:55am. Then I would wake Aidan up and get him ready, etc. etc. Now, I wake up at 6:35am. I still get myself ready before either of you wake up. Usually Aidan wakes up first around 7:15am. I sometimes brush him up first before I wake you up, but I find that you usually wake up around the same time that Aidan wakes up. After getting both of you ready, I bring you two downstairs and give you both milk and cheese (you guys usually have breakfast at daycare). Surprisingly, you will sit on the couch with Aidan while I go back upstairs to change and grab my bag. Then we head out. This photo is just before we headed out the door. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lazy Sunday

What a hot, hot day today…
I missed church this morning because I woke up late, so we went out to a park in the morning to get you guys out of the house and play. It was just unbearably hot…
We treated you guys to some Freezies at a local convenience store afterwards.