Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fashion show

After church this morning, you and I stopped by our local mall to exchange your broken recycling truck at Toys R Us. While we were at the mall, I decided to get Kendall velcro shoes for daycare as she has been needing one badly for a while. Of course, you wanted your own pair of shoes. I told you that you already had a brand new pair, that we had gotten for you last year to wear this Summer, in your closet, but you were so whiny that I told you I would buy you something else at the mall. Something you actually needed. We stopped by Old Navy and I bought you a t-shirt and sunglasses.

When we went home, I put Kendall in her new shoes to see if it fit her and it became a fashion show. You started pulling clothes from out of your dresser and closet and made me take pictures of you modelling it for me. What a guy!

Kendall's new Dora velcro shoes. It was a steal at $14.99 at Payless! It was on sale from $24.99.

You absolutely loved it. You were walking around the whole house showing it off.

Your new Angry Bird t-shirt and sunglasses. I'm glad I got you those sunglasses. The one I got you last
year was too big for your face. This one fits perfectly! And you're wearing your the shoes that I was talking
about earlier.

Kendall showing off her new kicks.

She's been so cute lately. I just want to bite her everywhere!

Posing for the cameras.

Kendall testing out her new shoes.

You made me put a tie and fedora hat on you to complete your outfit.

Trying to do the rock on hands.

This girl makes me melt with her cuteness.

Here's another one for the camera.

I don't know what you're doing with your eyes, but you look so wacky! Especially with your missing teeth.

Outfit change. Wearing your summer outfit ensemble.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Kendall, a girl completely her own

You are now 20-months old. I find that this stage that you're in right now is so interesting in that your personality is really showing through. You are COMPLETELY different from Aidan. Whereas he has a lot fear, you are totally fearless. Whereas he could sit still for hours at a time, you are squirmy. He never touched anything, you touch everything. He's an extremely picky eater, you eat anything and everything. The list goes on and on… Let's just say you two are polar opposites. 

I find that you and Aidan are fighting a lot more these days. It's always about wanting the same things.
Like the rocking chair, in this example. Instead of just letting your bigger brother have it, you come at
him with claws out proclaiming your territory. It's actually quite interesting to see. 

Queen of the castle.

Love/hate relationship. Sometimes you get along, sometimes you don't.

Aidan started Korean school a couple of weeks ago so as soon as he left with daddy, you wanted to put
on your shoes to mimic him. 

Sad that you're all dressed, but have nowhere to go…

But not sad for long! You always have a smile on your face.

"Let me out!"
I took a video of you trying to take off your boots. Watch the 1:23 mark to see Kendall at her funniest ;-)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Noelle's 100-Day Celebration

With all that's going on with your Toronto halbi's health, your Toronto halmi insisted that Auntie Jessica throw Noelle a 100-day "Baek Il" party. Nothing fancy, but for Noelle to be the centre of attention. Auntie Jessica has been working at the store every day since your halbi got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer so Noelle's been away from her mom ever since. Her paternal grandparent's have been taking care of her during the day. We ended up going to a Korean restaurant for dinner with just the family. It was nice getting dressed up and seeing everyone together. I wanted to take pictures at the restaurant, but it's so hectic when I have to take care of you two. Plus, Uncle Wayne's younger brother, Will, was taking many candid shots at the restaurant. After dinner, we went back to halbi and halmi's house to have dduk cake and Will took our family portrait shots. We've always wanted to do that so it was really special.

I dressed you up in your new coat that Auntie Jessica bought you for Christmas.
Haha, look at Aidan in the background.

My leather jacket-wearing lil dude.

And my little princess.

Friday, February 21, 2014

"I love you"

Isn't this just the cutest thing???
Your daycare took this photo of you and made us a Valentine's Day card. I just l-o-v-e it!

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Tomorrow morning (8:45am) is Toronto halbi's oncology appointment. Tomorrow is where we will find out the severity of the cancer and what treatment options halbi has. Tomorrow will be our new reality. 

Will you be my Valentine?

I couldn't sleep last night because of all the stuff that's been going on. I decided to take my mind off things by creating personalized Valentine's Cards for your school classmates. I used a template that I saw online ( and modified it. You aren't allowed to bring candy to school for some reason so I wanted to make special cards for all your friends at school. I printed the cards and left an area for your name blank so that I could get you to handwrite your name. 

Since the weather has been terrible this Winter, we've been staying home a lot. Today was another snow day- a perfect day to get you to write your name on the cards. 

I got you to write your name on 19 cards.

You knew how to read all 19 names of your friends on the outside of the cards. 

Here's how it looks like all folded up.

Another view.

So proud of his work.

Here's how one of the cards look.

And opened up.
And here's a video of you writing your name on all the cards.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Mommy and Kendall day

Last Friday I took a day off from work because Aidan had a doctor's appointment in the morning. I decided to make the day 'mommy and Aidan day.' I took Aidan trampolining afterwards and it was just a great day. Today was your 18-month checkup so I thought I would do the same- take a day off and make it 'mommy and Kendall day.' However, it didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it to be. First off, you were sick and just cranky in general. It didn't help that you hate going to the doctors. As soon as the doctor told me to take off your clothes to weigh you, you started crying hysterically. The doctor couldn't even check your tonsils and check your hips because you were that bad. When the doctor checked your ears she noticed that you had quite a build-up of wax and you were actually suffering from an ear infection. Oh brother… She ended up not giving you your shots (because you were sick) and she told me to come back in a week. I hate when that happens! It was so stressful being there that by the time I left I was sweating like a madman. I couldn't even take down your measurements because it was that stressful. I think you weighed just over 9 kg. 

I wanted to take you to get your first haircut because your hair has been an unruly mess ever since you were born. I wanted the hair stylist to trim down your sides and just clean up your hair. However, because of your bad experience at the doctors office, you were just in a terrible mood and didn't want anything to do with getting your hair cut. I had to change position a million times to get the stylist to trim your hair. And your hair cut turned out to be a total disaster! You looked like a boy. You also had a bruise on your right cheek from falling on a table in our basement last night so imagine how bad you looked. I had planned on doing a little shopping afterwards (I wanted to pick up a few craft items for making your Valentine's Day cards this year) and maybe go for a nice mommy and daughter lunch, but the stress of the day just made me want to go home and crash. I ended up just going home, putting you down for a nap and cleaning the house. Not a nice way to spend a day off!

This was you passed out in the car after your doctors appointment. I would be too if I screamed for 20 minutes
straight. You were so upset that you actually peed on the doctor and farted on her while she was checking
your hips.

And this is your new haircut. Totally awful, no? The stylist gave you blunt bangs and didn't trim much
off of the sides. I can picture this cute if you had long hair, but now you just look like a North Korean boy.

Ms Helmut Head